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Re: 1.0.1 compile on OS X 10.5

--On fredag, fredag 9 nov 2007 09.39.47 +0100 Måns Nilsson
<mansaxel@kthnoc.net> wrote:

> Hi, 
> just reinstalled (fresh, no upgrade) my ppc macmini and am trying to get
> back my life. 
> Heimdal gives me some trouble: 

With svn head checked out (version 22087), autoreconfigured and so
according to h5l.se, it builds (yay!) but I get: 

bash-3.2# kauth --version
kauth (Heimdal 1.0.99)
Copyright 1995-2007 Kungliga Tekniska H�gskolan
Send bug-reports to heimdal-bugs@h5l.se
bash-3.2# kauth mansaxel
mansaxel@KTHNOC.NET's Password: 
kauth: krb5_cc_initialize: Internal file credentials cache error

But, once I buy a ticket with Apple-supplied MIT kinit, I can use it with
heimdal apps, like telnet. 

More info on request. 
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