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Re: 1.0.1 compile on OS X 10.5

--On måndag, måndag 3 dec 2007 16.15.02 -0800 Love Hörnquist Åstrand
<lha@kth.se> wrote:

>>>>> Does it work with "FILE:" ccaches?  (Does it only fail with the  
>>>>> default
>>>>> "API:" ccache?)
>>>> No, I believe I tested that.
>> Possibly relevant.  Note that his patch follows recommendation made  
>> on the MIT Kerb list.
> I did rewrite some of the credential handling code today to handle the
> no-working cc-api set_principal.
> Here is an snapshot.

Works, at least the simplest of tests: 

bash-3.2# /usr/heimdalsnap-071203/bin/kauth mansaxel
mansaxel@KTHNOC.NET's Password: 
bash-3.2# klist 
Credentials cache: API:0
        Principal: mansaxel@KTHNOC.NET

  Issued           Expires          Principal
Dec  4 16:37:24  Dec  5 02:37:21  krbtgt/KTHNOC.NET@KTHNOC.NET

and, also: 

rasmus:/tmp mansaxel$ egrep 'PASS|FAIL' debug 
PASS: loaddump-db
PASS: add-modify-delete
PASS: check-dbinfo
PASS: check-digest
PASS: check-kadmin
PASS: check-kdc
PASS: check-keys
PASS: check-pkinit
PASS: check-iprop
PASS: check-referral
PASS: check-uu
PASS: check-gss
PASS: check-gssmask
PASS: check-context
PASS: check-spnego
PASS: check-ntlm
PASS: check-can
PASS: check-kinit
PASS: check-pac

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