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Re: FSH compliance.

On Wed, Dec 05, 2007 at 01:54:58PM +0200, Hai Zaar wrote:

> OK, here is the thing - "/var" is hardcoded twice - as "/var/heimdal"
> and "/var/run".
> @localstatedir@ usually denotes "/var"-like location. Now, while
> @localstatedir@/run
> looks sane, @localstatedir@/lib/@PACKAGE_NAME@ will lead you back to
> /var/lib/heimdal,
> which probably makes (Solaris?) people unhappy.
> Should we add something like ''--with-dbdir=" switch?

Debian uses /var/lib/heimdal-kdc, so I'd vote for adding "--with-dbdir"
to make everyone happy. I'd suggest keeping the default as so it won't
cause surprise.

	test "$localstatedir" = '${prefix}/var' && localstatedir='/var/heimdal'
should become 
	test "$localstatedir" = '${prefix}/var' && localstatedir='/var'
and $dbdir should default to '${localstatedir}/heimdal'.

If you have the time you could also add a "--with-rundir" switch to
override /var/run to make everything relocatable; whether that's worth
it I'm not sure.


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