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Re: [PATCH] FHS done right


> I've updated FHS patch to work properly - everything relocatable.
> Introduced --with-dbdir option to specify database location. Example
> ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-dbdir=/var/lib/heimdal

I think the source for info documentation should not be build in  
Why don't you using variables and build a small "paths.info" file from  
configure and include that in the info files and use info variables  

Same goes for mdoc documentation, but I don't really know what to do  
about that in a saner way. At least you should not use OUTPUT_FILES(),  
but rather a sed statement, autoconf-people dont like you when you do  

> DBDIR defaults to /var/heimdal to mimic old behavior.
> Also, no more hardcoded /var/* paths in .c and .h files.

roken-common.h is an installed headerfile, you can't have config.h  
typ, it needs to be moved to roken.h or something else.