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My name is Mr Martins Weber Dito .I work in the credit and  accounts department of stardand bank south africa. I write you in respect of a customer with Domicilliary A/C number 6402356789 and the amount is $12,500, 000.His name is Manfred Becker,he is a german citizen.unfortunately,he died and nobody has come for claim of this money.

I need your collaboration of a partner like you as a relative of late Engineer Mandfred Becker to claim this fund.for this support i am offering you 30% of the inheritance and the remaining 70% will be shared among myself and my two colleagues who will also be working with me in bringing this transaction to an end.

If you are interested, you can send and ask for more details. 
please send your respouse to the following email address. ( martinsweberdito@aim.com)

Thanks for your assistance.

Mr Martins Weber Dito