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Re: Questions about LDAP, Heimdal and 2003 Server

On Jan 30, 2008, at 5:41 PM, <mailing-nospam@iit.ionis-group.com> wrote:

> Sorry for my question but I've one big question about LDAP /  
> Heimdal and
> Windows 2003 Server.
> I find answers on google but a prefer to questions professional.
> Is it really possible to have one Windows 2003 Server with OpenLDAP  
> database
> for user and Kerberos (Heimdal) database for passwords ?
> Actually I've one big architecture (about 2000 FreeBSD clients with  
> OpenLDAP /
> Kerberos) and a little arch with 150 Windows XP in a Windows 2003  
> domain. It
> must be more simple if my AD was based on the LDAP and Kerberos  
> structure I
> used for my Unix clients..
> Thanks for your answer !

You can deploy a Windows Domain with a cross-realm trust to Kerberos,  
but the LDAP information for Windows will be on the Domain controller.

You might be able to replace your W2K3 server with a Samba 4 server  
(which bundles a version of Heimdal), but this isn't the place to ask  
about that.

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