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Re: OpenLDAP corruption warning?

20 mar 2008 kl. 01.39 skrev Howard Chu:
Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:


There's a warning that using OpenLDAP will corrupt the krb5Key binary
attribute.  However, it doesn't say if that applies to all versions of
OpenLDAP, or only older ones, etc.  Or if it even applies anymore with
modern versions.  Does anyone have the details on this?

That section looks pretty old, it only references OpenLDAP 2.1 at the latest, and uses the old (incorrect) SASL-EXTERNAL name format. (The current format is gidNumber=xx+uidNumber=yy...) It also talks about the hdb.schema being in the old LDAPv2 format, and that certainly was changed a long time ago.

The documentation is from what luke wrote back in the old days when the ldap diff was merged.

I updated the sample sasl-regexp in the documentation.