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Re: Inconsistent key purpose in Heimdal, but not Windows

On Fri, 21 Mar 2008 15:02:18 -0400
Thomas Harning <thomas.harning@trustbearer.com> wrote:

> In hooking up Heimdal in a MS Domain Controller environment with
> PKINIT, I've found that Windows machines can successfully perform
> SmartCard Login, but Heimdal bails with this error:
Investigating this error code, I came across the fact that Windows
(2000) implements Draft 9 of PKINIT.  The error # for
KDC_ERR_INCONSISTENT_KEY_PURPOSE isn't even set in the draft.  It is
error # 77...  Either Windows added one if its own errors to their
version of the spec, or Windows 2003 implements a newer PKINIT...

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