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Re: Small hiccup in the test suite

20 mar 2008 kl. 17.33 skrev Randy McMurchy:
I'm seeing a failure in the test suite after compiling
Heimdal-1.1. I searched the archives and didn't notice
anything about the issue. Here's some machine specifics:
2008-03-19T10:37:27 AS-REQ authtime: 2008-03-19T10:37:27 starttime: unset endtime: 2008-03-19T20:37:27 renew till: unset
2008-03-19T10:37:27 sending 620 bytes to IPv4:
2008-03-19T10:37:33 krb5_sendauth: Matching credential (krbtgt/LOCALDOMAIN@TEST.H5L.SE) not found

The problem is that the host tries to do cross realm to the LOCALDOMAIN realm.

The [domain_realm] section in the test's krb5.conf was wrong, that might fix the problem.