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iprop problem in Heimdal 1.1

Hi Love,

We are happily using Heimdal 0.7.2 for some time now side by side with AFS and
intended to upgrade.
But Heimdal 1.1's iprop revealed a behaviour, which forced us to step back and
rely on 0.7.2 again:

Although the slaves' datebases get touched somehow when there is a change in
the master's database,
these changes (new, deleted, or changed accounts) do not show up on the slaves.

The only way to keep the slaves' databases up to date is to have them deleted
and prop-erly recreated.

We built Heimdal 1.1 in exactly the same environment and used it in the same
way as we did with 0.7.2.
Is there anything that we can do or contribute to help to find and fix this