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mod_auth_kerb and heimdal: is there a way to remove the @MY.RELMfrom the end of a user name when the user is authenticated?

Here's the problem:

We use Trac to manage our software development.  Currently, we use
mod_authnz_ldap to authenticate the users against the ldap directory
before they can access the intranet.  Trac uses the username returned by
Apache as the user that is "logged in".

We have migrated on to Heimdal, and a want to use mod_auth_kerb to do
authentication for Trac (and subversion).

The issue that I am having is this: when I authenticate using
mod_auth_kerb, the username passed to apache, and then to trac, is
"username@MY.RELM" instead of just "username".  Is there any way to tell
apache to only return the first portion of the principle name without
returning the relm name.