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Re: smbk5pwd crash for missing symbol

27 maj 2008 kl. 02.18 skrev Guillaume Rousse:

> I tried this approach (patch attached).
> Converting _kadm5_free_keys to hdb_free_keys is trivial, as the  
> former is just a wrapper over the second.
> However, converting _kadm5_set_keys to hdb_generate_key_set_password  
> is much more difficult. I first tried to inline all code from  
> _kadm5_set_keys in smbk5pwd.c. However, gcc complains about "request  
> for member ‘context’ in something not a structure or union" because  
> it doesn't have any clue about the nature of kadm_context, which is  
> a void ponter for smbk5pwd. Trying to cast it as a  
> kadm5_server_context pointer fails, as this seems also to be a  
> private heimdal structure...
> Given my lack of C knowledge, I'm a bit stuck there.

You can use the krb5_contex that is global in the module, just change  
the code to use context instead of kadm5_context.