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kadmin.acl problem


whenever I write in the kadmind.acl file a glob pattern I get 'none' as the 
result of 'privs' in kadmin. 
The following works fine, when i check this in kadmin with -p stephan I 
get 'get,add' as result of privs.

#principal       [priv1,priv2,...]       [glob-pattern]
stephan@FOO.BAR  get,add

If I write the following I get 'none' as the result. It doesn't matter if it's 
a wildcard or an explicit realm by defining any glob-pattern i get 'none'

#principal       [priv1,priv2,...]       [glob-pattern]
stephan@FOO.BAR  get,add        *

There are no whitespaces at the end of line or anything else. I tried this 
with Debian stable and testing so i tested a version of 0.7.2 , 1.0 and 1.1 
All of them have the same problem. Where could be the mistake ?