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Re: Need a way to get the kdc timeout

> Sounds fine to me.
> Should we also make this plugin loadable via the normal plugin  
> mechanism
> (that we use for the windc hooks)?  This would allow Samba4 to  
> publish a
> plugin that uses socket_wrapper for hosts that use a system heimdal,  
> and
> would therefore allow us to run kinit in our selftests.

Would this do be ok ? Added the timeout.

typedef krb5_error_code
			       void *,
			       krb5_krbhst_info *,
			       time_t timeout,
			       const krb5_data *,
			       krb5_data *);

typedef struct krb5plugin_send_to_kdc_ftable {
     int			minor_version;
     krb5_error_code	(*init)(krb5_context, void **);
     void		(*fini)(void *);
     krb5plugin_send_to_kdc_func send_to_kdc;
} krb5plugin_send_to_kdc_ftable;