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Re: kadmin.acl problem

Love Hörnquist Åstrand wrote:
>> There are no whitespaces at the end of line or anything else. I tried 
>> this
>> with Debian stable and testing so i tested a version of 0.7.2 , 1.0 
>> and 1.1
>> All of them have the same problem. Where could be the mistake ?
> I have test cases for 1.2 and they works fine for me.
> The only think I know could case a problem is if glob() works 
> diffrently on Debian/glibc.
Huh? I don't believe glob(...) (which returns a list of matching files) 
is used when parsing kadmin.acl (which matches subjects).

As far as I am aware, glob(...) can only be used to list 
files/directories, and cannot be used to list KDC principles or other data.

In fact, I think glob(...) is only used by the ftp code.

Brian May