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Re: Ultra-modern autootols toolchain (autoconf > 2.61, automake > 1.10) required?

17 jun 2008 kl. 07.28 skrev Buchan Milne:

> For one correction to configure (I will evaluate if it is still  
> necessary), I
> need to call autoreconf.
> In 1.2, configure.in seems to require a really modern (aka, only  
> distros < 6
> months will have them) toolchain.
> Is there a reason for r this requirement, or is it just what it was  
> tested
> with?

more modern autoconf support (read works on) more modern platforms and  
produces less warnings.

A way to get around the dependency on more modern autoconf at build  
time is to distribute a a patch to configure (and related files) in  
your package.

If automake 1.9 and autoconf 2.59 works for you, it should be ok on  
your platform.