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Re: Using Heimdal for SPNEGO and NTLM in Samba4

> As NTLM isn't really nearly as special these days as it once was, I
> wondered about helping improve Heimdal's layer, and wondered if it  
> might
> be possible to, like the send_to_kdc functions, have a hook we can
> register for 'process NTLM login'.  This might perhaps be a Heimdal
> plugin - then Samba3 could perhaps supply it, and Heimdal would talk  
> to
> Samba3's winbind.

I started to implement NTLM plugin for winbind, but since the protocol  
is not stable and neither library nor sane protocol have showed up, I  
put that on ice for the time being.

See struct ntlm_server_interface in lib/gssapi/ntlm/ntlm.h and lib/ 
gssapi/ntlm/digest.c how to implement it.