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Re: telnetd need inetd??

On 2008 Jun 30, at 4:12, <wangyue0921@yahoo.com.cn> wrote:

> When I try to run telnetd ,it tell me "getpeername: Socket operation  
> on
> non-socket" and exited.
> Does that mean I need inetd to run telnetd? Or can I run telnetd  
> alone and how
> to do it.
> Maybe a silly question, but I didn't find any useful imformation for  
> how to run
> a kerberosized server program.
> Thank you very much!
> PS:1,My OS now didn't have inetd yet.
>      2,when I run rshd or ftpd, it quit and the "-d" parameter  
> doesn't tell me
> anything. Does rshd and ftpd also need inetd?

Most Unix services, including telnetd, ftpd, rshd, run under inetd (or  
alternative:  xinetd, launchd, upstart).  Your distribution may not  
load an inetd by default, but it will have a package for one in the  
installation medium (probably xinetd for Fedora).

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