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Re: kerberized clients in another path

On 07/02/08 16:35, Jon Roberts wrote:

> --prefix=/usr/local, but want to avoid conflicts with non-Kerberos-specific
> clients (ie. ftp, ftpd, telnet, telnetd, rsh, rshd) similar to the RPM

Gentoo uses renaming of the clients to kftp, kftpd, ktelnet etc.

After installing into a temporary tree

> emake DESTDIR="${D}" install || die "emake install failed"

where $D holds the location of the tree and emake is a Gentoo specific 
call to make, renaming is done the following way:

> # Begin client rename and install
> for i in {telnetd,ftpd,rshd}
> do
>         mv "${D}"/usr/share/man/man8/{,k}${i}.8
>         mv "${D}"/usr/sbin/{,k}${i}
> done
> for i in {rcp,rsh,telnet,ftp,su,login}
> do
>         mv "${D}"/usr/share/man/man1/{,k}${i}.1
>         mv "${D}"/usr/bin/{,k}${i}
> done
> mv "${D}"/usr/share/man/man5/{,k}ftpusers.5
> mv "${D}"/usr/share/man/man5/{,k}login.access.5

The last two changes are just to avoid overwriting of the manpages 
installed by other packages, in fact the kerberised programs use 
ftpusers and login.access files, not kftpusers or klogin.access, and 
changing that would hardly make sense.

At the end, of course, when the installation is successfully done, the 
contents of the temporary tree are compiled into the system tree; the 
same way they may be packaged into a binary distribution.

With best regards
				Honza Macháček