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Please i need your help to save my life

Please i need your help to save my life
In the first place, i say greetings to you in the blessed Almighty Name of God who made it possible for me to contact you in this manner.
It's also my humble prayer to God, that my letter will not have any effect on your daily schedule.
At this point in time, allow me to introduce myself to you before i forge ahead.
I am Miss Emilie Ehnebel, i am 19 years old girl from Republic of Gabon, l know it is difficult to understand and believe some body whom you  have not seen before.
Please i need your help to save my life from been destroyed by my family members, My father is Dr Roland  Ehnebel, he was the former minister of petroleum of Gabon,(my country). my  father has been in sick for some time, on 29 of June 2008 He died of hearth problem.
After the death of my father. My father's family members said that in tradition and culture of our people a woman has no right in her fathers property, that is only the male child can inherit the property of his father.
But in this case my father he has no male child, now all my father's property has been sized by them and the gave me a condition , saying it is they culture,  I must stop going to school and get marred, and they are fussing me to be the third wife to a man that has two wives.
As i am talking to you now my father's family members have taking all that belong to my father and they do not know where i am now.
The only hope of life i have now is $9 million, my father deposited in  a Security Company in Abidjan the Capital city of Republic of Ivory Coast. He concealed the money in a  metallic box before depositing it to the Security Company under an agreement as a family valuables. 
On the day of my father deposit the box he sign a contract agreements that box belong to his foreign partner but he did not write any name as his foreign partner, so i want you to be my father's foreign partner so that the security company can release the box to you immidetly. All the Documents of the box are with me and can be sand to you on your request.  I also understand from the security company that they can ues their diplomatic shipment to ship the box to you in your country.

Thanks i will be waiting to hear from you.
Yours Sincerely
Miss Emilie Ehnebel 
And please don't forget to contacts me through this email address;  emilie_bel1@yahoo.fr