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We are elated to inform you that you have been selected as one of the five winners of the final end of year ballot in which e-mail addresses were picked randomly through a computerized balloting, powered by the Internet. Your email was among those 5 selected during this end of year exercise.

To claim your prize you are required to contact the program coordinator with: Your full names, Your address, Your date and place of birth, Your Telephone details and Mobile numbers including profession to the program coordinator below:

Kristin Meyer
Global Consult

Do keep the entire process strictly within yourself until your claim process is finalised, this is meant to forestall the possibility of a double claims. To avoid delays and complicities, remember to quote your Reference number below when contacting the program coordinator strictly through the email address above.

Reference: WLATR -700951170

NOTE: Your winning has a value of One Million Eight Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand United States Dollars. Any one under 18yrs of age and members of the affiliate bodies are not eligible.

Cornelis Muller

Avec Voila, réalisez en toute simplicité votre videoblog !