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XMAS IT Services - Bulk SMS Advertising

Dear Ms. Trinh Tuyet Do,

Have you considered using Bulk SMS to reach your clients and  associates? Now, you can keep in touch with them as often as you wish and increase your profit and efficiency. Read more about our Service and learn how to get started.

What is this service?

Send SMS to thousands with your Company's Name!
Reach your  clients directly on their mobile
Send SMS messages for Announcements & Special Offers
Advertise  easily & cost effectively.

How does it work?

Easy as 1-2-3:

  • Log into your Online Account
  • Type your message
  • Select your contacts
  • Click SEND!
   Order Now!
What does it cost?

Pricing (€30 Setup Fee  Now Free!)

Number of Credits Cost per Credit in Euro Total Cost      
 1,000  0.025  €25.00
 5,000  0.023  €115.00
 10,000  0.020  €200.00
 25,000  0.0180  €450.00
 50,000  0.0150  €750.00
 100,000  0.0125 €1250.00
 500,000  0.0109 €5450.00
   Order Now!

Are there any extra features?
Service Advantages
Additional Features
Free Setup Email to SMS
No Monthly Fee Website Integration
No Yearly Fee International Coverage
Instant Online Activation Unlimited Originator Names
Instant Online Additional Credit Procedure SMS Interface supports: Web Interface, MS Outlook, Excel, PC Software, Custom Integration

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