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Confirmation Email Serial N. DI222-510

Confirmation Email Serial N. DI222-510
Contact Person:Mr C Wills
TEL: +34-672-838-714 Email: contact-seg@i12.com
Reference Nr.UN11000, Batch N. A1000, Serial N. DI222-510
Ticket N.7710AA, lucky N.,
you have won( 1M EUROS )in the euromillion online sweepstakss
program corporations, held 20th of October 2009.
In Madrid (SPAIN). This email was sent to notify you officially
about the award and to advise you to contact the processing office
immediately for claim
Reply to This Email: contact-seg@i12.com
Your Full Name & Telephone Number
Note: all winning must be claim not later than 30 working days
Rose Mann P.co