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Then Ducky, whose name was Hilda Grace, had been born

 if it were a troublesome infant which he had to put to sleep. "Was
she horrid to you? And after you had
saved her life, fourteen stone of it?" demanded Sylvia, with a stormy
note in her tone. "It is not the woman at all,"

here Rumple waved the old jacket with a tragic

air. "The fault lies with me, and you had all better know about
it at once, and if you decide to disown me for the future,

I can't complain,
for I deserve to be sent to Coventry for evermore." "Oh, drop
your figures of speech, and tell us in plain English what the trouble
is all about!"
exclaimed Sylvia impatiently. "Nealie looks as if she had seen a
ghost, and Rupert is glum, so out with it, Rumple, old boy, and own up
like a man." "I have owned up," he answered gloomily, and again he
waved the old jacket to and fro, then hugged it closely

in his arms again.

"When I changed my clothes I thought that I would put this jacket on,
though it is rather tight across the back, and

I always hate weari