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Craig's List Real Estate Leads Webinar

Hi Real Estate Agent,

Nearly 50 million Americans visit Craig's List
every month.  So posting effective real estate
ads on your local Craig's List board can deliver
tons of  leads for no expense except your time.

I'm Pennsylvania realtor Josh Schoenly and I'm
an expert on using Craig's List for my real estate
business. After many years of trial and error I've
mastered lead generation with Craig's List.

In fact, in the past year I've generated over
5,000 real estate leads using Craig's List!

I'll explain exactly how I did this via a live webinar
being held next Thursday September 30th
at 3PM Eastern Time.  You can register for this
no charge webinar here.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

1. The 3 biggest mistakes agents make when posting
ads on Craig's List

2. The absolute best times of day to post your ads
for maximum results

3. Some sneaky tricks other agents in your market
will wish they knew

4. A new online lead generation strategy that 99%
of real estate agents aren't using that delivers leads
at half the price of Google Adwords.

5.  Hear one Real Estate Agent explain how he went
from spending several hours a day on Craig's List 
to now just several minutes and his results actually

5. And more...

After you attend this Craig's List webinar check out
ReTechulous, my site focused on helping real estate
agents use technology and the internet for consistently
generating qualified leads.


Josh Schoenly
MidState Property Group 
Co-Founder Of ReTechulous

5521 Carlisle Pike
Suite C
Mechanicsburg, PA
United States

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