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5 Reasons to Swap Out Your Library

Title: Quantum
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Quantum StorNext
Top 5 Reasons to Swap
Out Your Old Tape Library

Trade-in  discounts
FREE LTO-5 drives and
FREE installation

[Up to $104,000 value]

Now is a great time to trade-in your tape library.

 Upgrade to new technology that quickly pays for itself.

 Upgrade to a solution that has plenty of room for growth and can support the newest technologies like LTO-5, reducing operations costs and protecting your investment.

 Reclaim 50%-75% of the time you spend managing your current library by using next generation iLayer management software, allowing you to spend your time on other important activities.

 Get access to new technologies like Media Data Integrity Analysis that protects your at rest data and protects you from data loss.

 Buy from the tape automation market leader. With over 30 years of experience, Quantum is focused in tape and disk data protection technologies and provides customers with a strong tape roadmap.

Quantum provides comprehensive tape backup solutions combining state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions to solve your backup and recovery challenges.

For additional improvements and operational savings,
consider Quantum DXi disk-based backup solutions.

*The $104,000 discount is based on trading in a qualified library for the purchase of a Scalar i6000 library with at least 1,000 cartridge slot capacity and 12 LTO-5 tape drives.
Call 866-809-5230 to speak to a sales representative and learn more about the discounts you could receive. Offer subject to change without prior notice. Limitations apply.

Request a Call Back or call +44 (0) 1344 353 500 to find out about big savings!

Scalar Tape Libraries
Scalar Tape Libraries

■  Over 30,000 Scalar iLayer tape libraries shipped

■  The Number 1 tape automation manufacturer
in the world (IDC)

■  Quantum tape solutions are validated worldwide


Request a copy of our new “Why Organizations Need LTO-5 Today” White Paper

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