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Title: Show us your Data Domain Quote and we'll beat it by 20%!*

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Show us your Data Domain Quote and we'll beat it by 20%!*

Slow Backups? Need better performance?
Faster DR?

Quantum's DXi deduplication disk appliances support both distributed sites and corporate data centers with faster backup, automated DR protection and lower costs.

For the Enterprise, Quantum's new DXi8500 sets industry performance standards while delivering superior value.

The DXi8500 features:

■  Industry-leading backup performance—up to 6.4TB/hour

■  Up to 4PB of backup data in a single, scalable system

■  Deduplication that reduces typical disk capacity and bandwidth requirements by 90 percent or more

Interested to learn more?
Call Quantum at +44 (0) 1344 353 500 or click here for more details.

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"For most customers, performance matters. Transfer rates matter as much as reduction ratios. Quantum is recognising the need for speed matters, especially for larger customers, and they are doing something about it."

Greg Schulz, Analyst with Server and StorageIO

* Terms & Conditions apply, click here for details.

Preserving the World's Most Important Data. Yours.

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