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Creating an Active Archive strategy to address both archive and backup in the midst of data explosion

The key to any archive is not only being able to preserve the data for future use, but also to be able to actually find it in a practical and timely manner. The more difficult it is to do this, the less likely it is that people will actually use an archive.

Taking proactive control of data is an essential requirement to getting the full value of data. Only with the proper strategy and the necessary hardware and software tools is it possible to make the management of active data, inactive data and protection data transparent to the user. Only when looking at all three of those data types as a whole will the full ?Time Value? of data be realized and be manageable.

The Time Value of Data white paper digs into the growing problems of Backup and Archive, and the typical difficulties when those two are commingled. By addressing the core strategy for creating an active archive, this paper will help IT managers understand how to apply the tactics used at the world?s largest archives in the day-to-day realities of their own environments.


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