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In the following text, the following definitions are used :
  • comment refer to the number of lines in the YXA source code only containing comments (that is, matching the regular expression /^\s*%%/) - except if it is part of a test-function
  • code is everything not part of a test-function, not a comment and not an empty line.
  • test code is all code and comment lines inside a test-function. A test function starts with a line matching /^test\d*() ->/ and ends with one matching /^\s*ok.\s$/.

Empty lines (matches /^\s*$/) are ignored and not counted, wherever they are encountered

This graph shows a number of statistics about the source code in the official YXA source code repository :

code lines graph

    Observations :
  • 2002-11 - it all began
  • 2003-09 - rewrote forking-code, adding the complete transaction layer as we know it today
  • 2004-01 - modular userdb code added ~1000 lines of code
  • 2004-03 - the first noticeable documentation of code appeared ;)
  • 2004-09 - started going through code and adding documentation
  • 2004-10 - new Contact/URL parsing code, much more RFC-complete and much more code (~1000 lines)
  • 2004-10 - started writing test code
  • 2004-12 - the only decrease in code lines to this date (removed old stateless proxy code)
  • 2005-04 - CPL subsystem merged to the official repository (about ~18000 lines committed at once)
  • 2007-04 - YXA 1.0rc1 released

When I (Fredrik) started working more and more with YXA, I needed an internal source code repository at SU to keep track of my work in progress - often untested code that wasn't ready for the official repository. This internal repository also helped me to synchronize code between my four SIP development hosts in our lab.

Since some time in the first half of 2003, I've been doing almost all development of YXA (except for the big CPL subsystem) but as you can see in this next graph I've continously merged changes into the official source code repository tree at Stacken.

combined code lines graph

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