Module active_subscription

Handle a single SUBSCRIBE dialog.

Introduced in: 12 May 2006 by Fredrik Thulin <>

Behaviours: gen_server.

Authors: Fredrik Thulin (


Handle a single SUBSCRIBE dialog. Refreshes the sub- scription and sends all NOTIFYs we receive to our parent process (the active_subscriber) using gen_server:cast({received_notify, ...})

NOTE : This module isn't used by the event server for now, it was just usable during development, possibly usable as an example and possibly also needed for some future event package.

Data Types


state() = #state{}

no description

Function Index

start_link/8 Starts the active_subscriber gen_server.

Function Details


start_link(Request, YxaCtx, BranchBase, Parent, ParentState, Interval, ExtraH, FirstCSeq) -> Pid

Starts the active_subscriber gen_server. NOTE : ExtraH MUST include one (and only one) of each of the following : "Contact", "Event" and "Accept"

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