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Fredrik's homepage

Fredrik's homepage!

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A Desktop Publishing application for Unix-like systems
RPN calculators
An RPN calculator implemented in many languages. Contributions are welcome!
Porthole (SourceForge)
A frontend for the Portage package management system of the Gentoo Linux distribution
Noble Moor
An Othello/Reversi game for the Palm Pilot

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of the Week

13 May 2009

Vernissage lördag 16 maj, 12-16
Galleri Törnfågeln

Årets kulturhändelse! Kom till pittoreska Västertorp och se konstvärldens framtidshopp ställa ut sina senaste verk! Dukar så färska att man kan känna doften av linolja! Och du, det kostar inget att titta!

Pictures of Previous Weeks

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Drawings and paintings
Some comics that have been published in Emissionen
Some in colour, some in black-and-white, some with focus ...


My Master's thesis in computer vision:
Infrared Imaging of Scots Pine Cross Sections:
Automatic Heartwood Size Measurements

Article: The Chernobyl Accident: The Course of Events

Article: Stillbildskameran - dess uppbyggnad och funktion


I have converted some of my old ScreamTracker modules to MP3 format.

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