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Portage utilities

These are a couple of tools for dealing with the Portage package system of the Linux distribution Gentoo. They are not official parts of the Gentoo system, and there is no warranty attached.

gportage screenshot
gportage screenshot

Latest release is 0.2.1 (19 November 2003)


gportage has been discontinued in favour of Porthole. I may continue to fix bugs in gportage, if there is a demand.

gportage is a simple GTK-based portage package browser. You can browse packages by name or category and search on package names. It also shows a list of all installed packages, with version information.

gportage consists of a single Python file. PyGTK 2 is required.

Gnoportage is a similar, slightly more ambitious effort. This topic has been discussed at length.

distclean is a Python script that removes all source files (e.g. tarballs) that are not associated with installed packages from the DISTDIR directory. The Portage system doesn't delete the downloaded source when unmerging a package, so this script saves disk space by removing old tarballs. Distclean is based on work by jefftang, robm and others on this thread at the Gentoo forums.


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