Schwein gehabt


Random(?) pictures

Picture of June 2001: This is about as dark as it gets on midsummer if the sky is clear. Picture taken at Jun 23 23:42, looking north towards the Stockholm skyline (not very impressive from this vintage point) These are the picturesque surroundings of Årsta Partihallar nearby my home. The truck drivers are working late / early.

Picture data: Kodak DC4800, 100(fake)ASA, 2 min, stop 8, half size and cropped.

Monster or machine?

Picture data: Old Minolta automatic compact camera, scanned dia, 1/4 size.
Working place near the southern foundation of the new Årsta bridge

One, two, three and four?

2001-11-08: View from my living room. First snow this year. It will be gone in the evening I suppose.
2001-11-09: I was wrong, still some snow and -2°C.

Picture data: Kodak DC4800, 100(fake)ASA, 1/250s, stop 5.6, 1/4 size.

Stacken nattsuddar

Picture data: 2001-12-07 00:34, Kodak DC4800, 1/20sec, f2.8, 1/5 size.

I get questions: What is a razorbill? Ok, here is a picture with a razorbill and puffin:
Razorbill and Puffin

Nonsens of the day: Jeder Topf findet einen Deckel