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Who is Magnus Ihse?
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The story of Magnus Ihse

Who is Magnus Ihse?

I'm a dedicated computer nerd, aged 22, 1.85 m tall, living in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I love music and philosphy. My family consists of my mother Margareta, my father Christer, and my sister Elisabet. I live in a small apartment in the western part of central Stockholm known as Vasastan with my computer Socrates. I eat too much instant noodles, and I am going to clean up here, Any Day Now™.

What does Magnus Ihse do?

I am currently studying for a "civilingenjör" degree (roughly M.Sc.) in Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. And to keep me occupied :-), I also study for a B.A. in Philosophy at Stockholm University. I've spent some 2 years at KTH (of the total of 4 ½), and on the University I've studied Philosophy 2 terms, Linguistics 1 term, History of Science and Ideas 1 term, and I am currently trying to finish 1 term in Latin. Naturally, you have a lot of spare time when you study as little as I do :-), but I have no problem spending it in front of the computer (e.g. on writing silly texts such as this). Sometimes I meet some of my friends (yes, I do have friends) or watch a movie or something. I have planned to get a life someday, but I do not have a deadline on that project. :-)

Something I often do is listen to music. My grandmother says to me: "You're so stupid you can't even die without music!", and I have this feeling she's right - even tough I'm not quite sure what she's means. :-)

What does Magnus Ihse like?

Lots. :-) I like studying (shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's read the paragraph above), I like mathematics, I like linguistics. I'm a born philosopher, and I seldom hesitate to look at things from a philosophical point of view, whatever may be the case.

I like music, many kinds of music, but first and foremost synth pop and related music. I like everything from Adolphson-Falk, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys to Skinny Puppy, Front 242 and Kraftwerk. I like Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield. I like Brian and Roger Eno, Wim Mertens, Beautiful World and Courtney Pine. I like Portishead, Housemartins, The Beautiful South and The Smiths. I like Kent, Leonard Cohen, Einstürzende Neubauten, Lasse Tennander, Björk, Yello, Ebba Grön and Ministry. I also like listening to classical music; e.g. Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven or Mahler. I'm not really an "omnivore", but I'm pretty close to being one. :-)

I like computers. Oh yeah! C is fun, Perl is even more fun and Unix is cool. Norton Commander is my god wether I'm using DOS or Windows. As every true hacker, I'm quite comfortable with Linux, even though I at least as often use Windows or Macintosh. What do I do with my computer? Mostly, I communicate: I call a BBS named Common, or (more often) I am connected to the Internet. I program. Most of the times just quick hacks, but I also have created some larger projects during the years. The last few years I've spent quite some time making web pages. And of course, when I'm in the right mood, I play games for all what I'm worth. :-)

I like talking about myself, but even my lack of modesty has a limit, so I think this'll have to do. :-)

How do I get in touch with Magnus Ihse?

There are lots of ways of getting in touch with me. The easiest and quickest is probably to send an e-mail to If I am at home, surfing the net, then you can reach me even faster by sending a message using ICQ. You could also check to se if I am logged on to any computer at KTH, and send me a Unix talk request if that is the case.

Perhaps you prefer snail mail? My address is:

Norra Stationsgatan 99/377
SE-113 64 Stockholm

Or you could just send me an e-mail, in case I didn't mention it. :-)

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