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... and welcome to my piece of the world. But first, a word from the editor:

These pages are under construction, and will change some... Meanwhile, you could check the main home page to get accurate information.

My name is Richard Levitte, and I'm an inventory of this computer club. I do have some functions as well, like being the Vice Chairman, the EIC in this computer club, as well as one of the system managers (Unix and VMS). And to fill in, I'm postmaster, webmaster, foomaster, barmaster and *master... Pfewww

If you want to know more about me, why not simply give me a call or send me a mail message, or something? You could even pay me a visit (more on that later).

History of me in Stacken

I became a member of Stacken in January 1993 (at least as far as I remember). You could say that I had already been a lurking member, for I had received an account on the now very old TOPS-10 computer KICKI, and participated in some of the quite active discussions that occured on the local conference system (KOM v6).

Anyway, it didn't take too long time before someone trusted me enough to make me one of the roots of the Unix system. As far as I remember, I got my VMS system privileges at the same time, if not earlier.

In the autumn 1993, well before the annual autumn meeting, I was asked if I would like to hack on the clubs magazine StackPointer, and after some thought, I answered "yes", mostly because I like to hack TeX a lot. During the meeting, it was decided that I would become the new EIC, and at the same time a member of the board.

Enough babbling... Instead, watch a few things I've made for Stacken:

What do I do here?

A few things I'm proud of:

Other things I happen to take care of:

What do I do for a living

Being of a wild and independent nature, I do several things. The best way for me to do what I want is to work in my own firm, Levitte Programming.

And what of the rest of my time?

Well, apart from Stacken, I'm also member of another computer club situated in Linköping, Ctrl-C. I became a member there by helping then to get their VMS machine, Angela III, up and running, in early 1994.

You may now have guessed that I'm a VMS hacker. I have a few things at heart, among them The GNU on VMS project.

I have also recently created (with a few friends) the club for swedish system administrators Birds Of a Feather-Hand.

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