Modified: 27 Dec 1999

The Minimalist GNU Win32 Compiler

Mingw32 is, "simply a set of header files and initialization code which allows a GNU compiler to link programs with one of the C run-time libraries provided by Microsoft."

The stuff here is obsolete now...

I have made a new mingw32 cross compiler running on Linux. For this I used GNU binutils 2.9.1, PGCC 1.0.3a and a heavily modified version of the Mingw32/CPD package. This package will be available from this page in a few days.

News in this version include:

Note that you can't use the C++ style DirectX functions, you have to use the C-macros. If you wan't to test the DirectX stuff you can get msuddex1.c, which is a modified ddex1.cpp from the MS DX5SDK.
Also, I haven't tested G++ except for DirectX which didn't work, so I'd be happy to hear whether it works.


The resulting Linux (glibc2) binaries are available HERE (4775K).

If you don't have glibc2 on your system you could have a look at
But please note that I have not tested any of the packages there, so I have no idea whether they work or not.

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