Adamel's Xpilot Homepage

Picture of me fighting against Swa, Omega,
DeadMeat & Magic Mouse
Here you can see the mighty AdaCraft(tm),
bravely defending the target and treasure against the evil team 2...

Old links

From around 1999-2003 there was a Bloods Music server with the below ranking patches running at *
You can view the old rankings here.

Team cups

Old code

I've ported up the Svan ranking system to XPilot 4.5.4.

Get a diff against 4.5.4 here: rank1-4.5.4.diff (59k)
Changes since last version:

Older ranking patch against 4.5.3: svan4.5.3.diff (62k)
There is also an ancient diff against 4.U.3: svan4.U.3.diff (35k)

Marcus Sundberg, [MAIL]