Filthcup 2002 - list of matches

All raw scorefiles available here.

Round 1

Group A

1-2 Runeblades vs Rust Inc.

3-4 Advanced Souls vs Dumb and Dumber

Group B

11-12 Easy Flyers vs MaTh

13-14 Roast FrogBeef vs Suihell Devils

Group C

21-22 Tranquil Hegemony vs Verdandi

23-24 A Word vs I.A.R.T.F

Round 2

Group A

31-32 Runeblades vs Dumb and Dumber

33-34 Advanced Souls vs Rust Inc.

Group B

41-42 Easy Flyers vs Suihell Devils

43-44 Roast FrogBeef vs Mentallica

Group C

51-52 Tranquil Hegemony vs I.A.R.T.F

53-54 A Word vs Verdandi

Round 3

Group A

61-62 Runeblades vs Advanced Souls

63-64 Rust Inc. vs Dumb and Dumber

Group B

71-72 Easy Flyers vs Roast FrogBeef

CANCELED (MaTh vs Mentallica)

Group C

81-82 Tranquil Hegemony vs A Word

83-84 Verdandi vs I.A.R.T.F

Round 4

Group B

91-92 Suihell Devils vs MaTh

93-94 Mentallica vs Easy Flyers

Round 5

Group B

95-96 Roast FrogBeef vs MaTh

97-98 Suihell Devils vs Mentallica

Quarter Finals

101-102 Runeblades vs Mentallica

103-104 Easy Flyers vs Advanced Souls

105-106 Tranquil Hegemony vs Rust Inc.

107-108 Verdandi vs MaTh

Semi Finals

201-202 Runeblades vs Verdandi

203-205 Easy Flyers vs Tranquil Hegemony

Bronze Match

301-302 Verdandi vs Tranquil Hegemony


401-402 Runeblades vs Easy Flyers