KTH Xpilot Academy proudly presents:

Filthcup 2002 was played sunday 24th of february. When the battlesounds ended, there was only one team left on the battleground. The winners was the mighty Runeblades. Needless to say this was not the only brave and tough team trying grip the power of the blood's music universe. Teams like Easy Flyers, Tranquil hegemony and Verdandi also fought hard, but didn't make it all the way.

As usual there was alot of whining, filthy tricks and nasty comments. But that are not new to the xpilotists of the blood's universe. A mention about fair play should be mentioned: Tranquil hegemony, for sportsmanship in the semifinal. Their homeserver was a veritable lag/freze-hell and the enviroment became increasingly hostile during the cup. In the semifinals it finally went to the edge and after playing the standard home and away match they made a sportsman-like suggestion that the outcome of their semifinal would be played in a 3rd and final match on less laggy ground. This match was won by Easy Flyers who then went to the final versus the Runeblades.

At last, four long years after the first filth cup arranged by Pingosvin, the filthy war continues with the sequel Filthcup 2002. The old gods Odin(a.k.a Mighty Mouse) and Thor (a.k.a Kogikaishakunin) have now fallen into the gloomy darkness in the aftermath of Ragnarök (a.k.a Teamcup98, Vakkcup, Teamcup99, Deathcup2000 and Teamcup2001) and the scene are open for their disciples to make war on each other to see which are the fittest to rule the filthy Bloods galaxy.

The Mad Chaos Priests, at the moment ruling the bloods galaxy, are old and weak and still trying to invoke fear into their opponents but with futile results. A great many forces of power raging in their effort to get their filthy hands on all the territory they can reach for. In desperation the two chaos priests Vato and PREACHER launch another filthcup to invoke even more chaos, so that all the powers in the galaxy will end each other before destroying the mighty Chaos temple.