Filthcup 2002 - Matches

    Total match statistics

    Group play: 3 points/match to achieve. 1p per won leg (one home and one away) and 1p for total win.

    The 2 best teams in each group go to quarterfinal as well as the 2 best 3rd teams.

    This will mean that teams who make a bad start still have a good chance to advance to the quarter.

    Don't forget to set your matchnumbers when playing

    Group A1.2.3.4. TotPlace
    1. Runeblades -333 91
    2. Rust Inc. 0-33 62
    3. Advanced souls 00-3 33
    4. Dumb and Dumber 000- 04
    Group B1.
    1. Easy Flyers -3333121
    2. MaTh 0-33X62
    3. Roast Frogbeef 00-3034
    4. Suihell Devils 000-005
    5. Mentallica 0X33-62
    Group C1.2.3.4. TotPlace
    1. Tranquil Hegemony -333 91
    2. Verdandi 0-33 62
    3. A Word 00-1 14
    4. I.A.R.T.F 002- 23

    Qualification Statistics

    Group A
    Group B
    Group C
    Qualifiers Total

    Quarterfinals Winners
    Runeblades vs. MeNtallica Runeblades
    Easy Flyers vs. Advanced Souls Easy Flyers
    Tranquil hegemony vs. Rust Inc. Tranquil hegemony
    Verdandi vs. MaTh Verdandi
    Runeblades vs. Verdandi Runeblades
    Easy Flyers vs. Tranquil HegemonyEasy Flyers
    Gold match: Runeblades vs. Easy Flyers

    Bronze match: Verdandi vs. Tranquil Hegemony

    Gold: Runeblades

    Silver: Easy Flyers

    Bronze: Tranquil hegemony / Verdandi

Finals Statistics

Quarter Finals
Semi Finals
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