Filthcup 2002 - Rules

  • 2 players in each team.

  • IMPORTANT: Teammates are not allowed to be in the same room, this means in reality not the same town.
    Example: PREACHER are not allowed to play with any other KTH-player.

  • Matches will be played in 2 legs (1 home, 1 away) of 12 rounds. Home team plays as team 2 and away team as team 4.

  • The map will be a Bloods music tournament map and the server a Filtcup2002 server. You can find them under downloads.

  • No player are allowed to participate in more than one team (Exception: Mighty Mouse).

  • Each player must use the nickname he/she registrated for the cup. No exceptions allowed (Exception: Mighty Mouse).

  • If both players in a team have a possibility to compile a server, they must do so. The opponentteam may then choose the server for their awayleg.