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This configuration is written for Fvwm 2.4.3 with the Extended Window Manager Hints patch added. It might work with other versions but I cannot guarantee full functionality. Needless to say, your Fvwm must be linked against libXpm or you cannot use the images below as buttons.

This configuration is under development and may change at any time.

The basic idea of CleanStyle is to be minimal. It doesn't intercept any keypresses, although you might add this yourself if you want to. The color scheme is borrowed from BeOS and the handling of windows using the mouse was inspired by wm2.

The retractable buttonbar, belt, at the bottom of the screen is not a part of this configuration or a part of Fvwm, but a separate program and I recommend that you use it. If you use it then you should set the maxicons resource for belt so that it do not overlap the FvwmButtons on the lower right corner of the screen.

The icons used by belt or the windowmanager that are not found below can be downloaded in a big tarball or browsed.

To run this windowmanager you need to download the configuration file and place it in your ~/.fvwm directory. Also you need to put all the pixmaps in the ~/.fvwm/images directory.

Also if you want to make style settings for specific applications you may do so by adding them to the ~/.fvwm/applicationstyles file.

Default bindings

To change pages you either use the pager or the "Go to.."-menu on the main root menu. I don't like that the mouse can change pages when I carelessly throw the pointer at the edges of the screen, but it is easy to change if you want otherwise.

Root window and windows

Left clicking on the root windows gives the main menu. Middle clicking on the root window gives a menu with all iconified windows.

To resize a window, either click on the borders with the left mouse button and drag. Optionally you can click on the title bar using the middle mouse button and drag to resize the window. You need to "catch" the edges if you wish to resize.

To move a window you either left click on the title bar and drag the window or you can click on the borders using the middle mouse button and drag.

Right clicking on the root window, frames or title bar selects the next uniconified window, just as in wm2. This is a quick way to cycle through your open windows.

Window titlebar buttons

The left button (square) minimizes the window on a leftclick. Minimized windows are showed in the WinList or on the middle mouse button root menu. On a middle button click it pops up a menu with common window operations.

The rightmost (two squares) button minimizes the window on a left or middle button click. A rightclick cycles through windows as always.

The inner right button (line) shades the window on a left or middle button click.


In the WinList window above the pager you see all visible and iconified windows. On a leftclick you select the window and raises it to focus, no matter of window state.

A middle click toggles between iconified and visible state for the selected window.

A right click toggles between shaded and unshaded (visible) state for the selected window.


Extra configuration

I do not like that the window manager steals keys from the programs it manages, but I do know that many like keybindings so here are some that other people have been using together with CleanStyle.

# Use CTRL + SHFT + F1-F4 to switch pages

Key F1 A CS GotoPage 0 0
Key F2 A CS GotoPage 1 0
Key F3 A CS GotoPage 0 1
Key F4 A CS GotoPage 1 1
# Use CTRL + SHFT + Arrowkeys to switch pages

Key Left  A CS GotoPage +1p +0p
Key Right A CS GotoPage -1p +0p
Key Up    A CS GotoPage +0p -1p
Key Down  A CS GotoPage +0p +1p

Att köra CleanStyle om du går på Elektro

The following section are in swedish only since it only applies to the users of the Elektro computer system at KTH.

Först av allt måste du skapa dig en katalog för inställningarna (~/.fvwm) och underkatalog där du kan lägga bilderna till knapparna.

mkdir -p ~/.fvwm/images

Spara sedan ner alla ikoner ovan i katalogen ~/.fvwm/images samt filen cleanstyle.fvwm2rc ovan som ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc

I din .environment ska du lägga till följande rader:

module add fvwm/2.4.3e
setenv WINDOW_MANAGER fvwm2

Du måste dessvärre ange versionsnumret när du laddar modulen fvwm eftersom det är en gammal version som är standard på systemet.

Vill du även köra belt ska du ska du ha följande rad i din .environment:

module add belt

samt följande rad i .startup.X:

belt &

Om du vill lägga till fler knappar till belt än de som du får när du laddar moduler måste du skapa dig en katalog ~/.beltconf där du lägger inställningsfilerna för belt.

mkdir -p ~/.beltconf

Mer information om hur belt konfigureras och vad det är finner du på manualsidan till belt.


©2003 Max Zomborszki
Updated 2003-10-14