Target Games first attempt to release a horror game on the Swedish market was Chock, a translation of Pacesetters Chill. The game never got popular, maybe because of the somewhat different rules engine or that the time for horror games had not really got to Sweden yet. There were several adventures translated and a big hardcover book, Nattens Fasor (Horrors of the Night), which combined many of the smaller sourcebook from Chill, like Vampires and Lychantropes. But the people that really liked Chock, were true fans and some people claim it to be the best game at the time. When Pacesetter went bankrupt Chock also vanished from the Swedish market. Chock is hard to find in second hand sales, maybe because of the bad quality books, the covers easily fell apart.

The Products

ProductCategoryYearDesign# pages
ChockBasic rules1985Boxed80, 32, 32
Nattens fasorCampaign module1986A4, Hardback96
Skymningens byAdventure1985A550
Högländernas skräckAdventure1986A548
Draculas hämndAdventure1986A548
Skräckens tre ansiktenAdventures1987A548

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