Yes, D&D has been translated into Swedish, both the basic and expert set as well as some adventures. Too bad that it came so late. Drakar och Demoner caught more players than D&D and had more supplements in Swedish. Also D&D was getting rather old. Soon it disappeared and today you can barely find a few copies of the adventures in the shops.

The Products

ProductCategoryYearDesign# pages
Dungeons & Dragons - basreglerBasic rules1986Boxed64, 48
Dungeons & Dragons - expertreglerRule expansion1987Boxed64, 36
Silverprinsessans PalatsAdventure1986A432
Den glömda stadenAdventure1986A432
Fasornas bergAdventure1986A432
Xanatons förbannelseAdventure1987A432

The following adventures were announced but I do not know if they were ever published:

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