The first real roleplaying game in Swedish to be released on the market was Drakar och Demoner (Dragons and Demons). Note that despite the name it is not a Dungeons & Dragons clone. The game system is that of Steve Perrin, basic roleplaying, used in Runequest and Call of Cthulhu. The first edition of Drakar och Demoner came in 1982 in a blue box and was a straight translation of Perrin's Magic World which was released together with Future World and Super World in the boxed set Worlds of Wonder (1982). The rules were not complex by themselves but the misses in translation and bugs in the game-system made it hard to learn the rules.
After several years, and a total remake of the game, in 1984, Drakar och Demoner was re-released, with a reprint in 1985. These two, 2nd and 3rd, editions were a great step forward. The rules being more flexible and powerful still simple enough to give a winning formula. When speaking about roleplaying games to a non-gamer in Sweden, most people don't know what a roleplaying game is unless you mention Drakar och Demoner. The only thing the game still lacked was a campain world of it's own. Some published adventures was played against one fantasy setting, others against a another. In one adventure, Havets Vargar (Wolves of the Sea), the players found themselves in medieval fantasy Norway/Sweden. Here the setting was a great mix of vikings and mythic creatures but still there wasn't a real consistent world. Not until Kandra, a city of adventure, came, there seemed like there would be one. Kandra was well written and many roleplayers today agree that it was one of the best supplements ever made for the game. Around the city grew countries and eventually a world. The greatest problem was the writers. Too many writers made up their own explanations about the different corners of the world and soon the world Ereb Altor looked like a patchwork. Never the less it was the only campain world many roleplayers knew.
The basic set of rules, by many referred to as the black box, was later expanded by Drakar och Demoner EXPERT in 1985. Introducing several new occupations, skills and lots of magic, it also got rid of the d100 and used a d20 for all skill rolls. Now Drakar och Demoner was a game of it's own, bearing little resemblence with that of Steve Perrins.
To the basic set, a new expansion box was released in 1987: Drakar och Demoner Samuraj. The rules were almost like those of EXPERTs but the setting was different: a feudal fantasy Japan. This was set in the same world as the other companion games, but on a different continent. Else there was little new except for expanded rules for martial arts later to appear in GIGANT. Unfortunately this expansion set never hit, and disappeared a few years later.
Drakar och Demoner Ivanhoe was the second offspring of EXPERT. This one had more new material concerning alchemy and feudal society. It was almost divided into two parts, one fictitious fantasy setting and one based on medieval Europe. After a few years it disappeared.
Drakar och Demoner GIGANT introduced high level campaigning like players running their own provinces, great battles pitching armies together and building castles. It also expanded the magic system, introducing new types of magic and also new professions.
In 1987 a 4th edition was released, but except for a new design of the box and the inclusion of two introductory adventures, not much changed. Many gamers do not think of this as a new edition.
Other expansions for the game were Monsterboken and Monsterboken II essentially two bestiaries, sooner replaced by Drakar och Demoner Monster/Monsterboxen (coll. the Monsterbox) and Drakar och Demoner Magi. Where the two first bestiaries were, almost too, flexible the boxed, and expanded, version had more of the next generation of Drakar och Demoner in it. Now there were standard stats for monsters making it harder for players to play monsters not intended to be played. Drakar och Demoner Magi was a collection of all previously printed rules about magic, revised and improved, and new material added.
After several years the game needed to be reprinted and maybe revised. What had already begun in Drakar och Demoner Monster continued 1991. The rules were again changed; combining the original first two boxes Drakar och Demoner and Drakar och Demoner EXPERT, deleting obsolete rules and changing the character generation process. This new game was not 100% downward compatible and several players and groups made their own house rules, combining the 2nd/3rd and 5th edition rules and supplements. The 5th edition was supposed to introduce new players to the game and several handbooks was published. These handbooks made it more fun to play that specific occupation or race described in the handbook. Unfortunately with each handbook that occupation got more powerful and more rules were added. Soon it was hard to get an overview of the rules and the rules got unbalanced.
In 1994 the 6th edition of the rules were published, Drakar och Demoner Chronopia. No new rules really but a new campaign world, Chronopia, written by Bill King. Many old gamers believe this world bear too many similarities to those of Games Workshop and TSR, thus never buying the game. Still it is an improvement, for the first time Drakar och Demoner have a consistent world and the layout of the rules, now in a book, is great although maybe a little overdone.
For younger gamers though, which haven't experienced the changes in the game, it is a well thought-out game with a lot of consistent companion books.

Over the years Drakar och Demoner have sold more than 100.000 copies, thats a lot, considering it being only released on the Swedish market (it was actually published in Norwegian and Danish but without success). It is the first and biggest Swedish roleplaying game.

The Products

ProductCategoryYearDesign# pages
Drakar och Demoner 1.0 (1 ed)Basic rules1982Blue box48
Drakar och Demoner 2.0 (2 ed)Basic rules1984Black box68
Drakar och Demoner 2.1 (3 ed)Basic rules1985Black box68
ExpertRule expansion1985Boxed80, 48
Drakar och Demoner 3.0 (4 ed)Basic rules1987Black-green box80
GigantRule expansion1987Boxed96, 48
SamurajRule exp. & Camp. mod.1987Boxed72, 56, 20
IvanhoeCampaign module1988Boxed96, 72, 16
MagiRule expansion1990Large box72, 64, 48
Drakar och Demoner 4.0 (5 ed)Basic rules1991Large box64, 64, 48, 16
Drakar och Demoner 5.0 (6 ed)Basic rules1994US Letter, Soft/hardback240
SvartfolkRule exp. & Camp. mod.1991G588
Kopparhavets kapareRule exp. & Camp. mod.1991G588
Krigarens handbokRule expansion1992G596
Tjuvar & LönnmördareRule expansion?G5?
Kaos väktareRule exp. & Camp. mod.1993G564
Magikerns handbokRule expansion1993G596
AlverRule exp. & Camp. mod.1993G564
Hjältarnas handbokRule expansion1994G564
Vapen och rustningarRule expansion1996US Letter80
Magi i ChronopiaRule expansion1996US Letter80
Dvärgar i ChronopiaRule expansion1996US Letter80
Svärd och svartkonstRule expansion1996US Letter80
Mörkrets väktareRule expansion1996US Letter80
Alver i ChronopiaRule expansion1997US Letter80
Mörkrets krigareRule expansion1997US Letter80
Svartblod i ChronopiaRule expansion1997US Letter80
Väsen i ChronopiaRule expansion1997US Letter80
MonsterbokenCampaign module1985A5, Hardback96
Monsterboken 2Campaign module1987A5, Hardback112
MonsterCampaign module1990Large box64, 64, 64, 64
KandraCampaign module1986G548
TrakorienCampaign module1988Adhesive binding112
Ereb AltorCampaign module1989Large box104, 64, 64, 32
MonturernaCampaign module1989G548
Monster och män i Ereb AltorCampaign module1989G564
TorshemCamp. mod. & Adv.1989Adhesive binding96
KrilloanCampaign module1991Boxed96, 48
Spindelkonungens pyramidAdventure1983A528
Havets vargarAdventure1985A540
Döda skogen (ÄV 1)Adventure1985A536
Maktens portar (ÄV 2)Adventure1985A540
Mörkrets hjärta (ÄV 3)Adventure1986A564
Svart duell + Skönheten & odjuretAdventures1986A548
Rösten från forntidenAdventure1986A540
Novastenen + JerazAdventures1987A548
Svavelvinter (SV 1)Adventure1987Boxed84, 32
MarsklandetAdventure1988Boxed96, 40
Djupets fasorAdventure1989G548
Shoguns vredeAdventure1989G548
Dödens vägAdventure1989G548
Oraklets fyra ögon (SV 2)Adventure1990Adhesive binding112
Handelsfursten (HS 1)Adventure1990G548
Tempelherren (HS 2)Adventure1990G548
Demonprinsen (HS 3)Adventure1990G548
Helvetesfortet (NR 1)Adventure1991G548
Melindors återkomst (NR 2)Adventure1991G548
Nidland (NR 3)Camp. mod. & Adv.1991Boxed72, 56
Kristalltjuren (SV 3)Adventure1992G596
Den Femte Konfluxen (SV 4)Adventure?G5?

HS = Härskarserien
NR = Nidländska reningen
SV = Svavelvinter
ÄV = Ärans väg

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