En Garde is set in Europe during the 16th through 18th centuries. Flashing blades, valiant heroes and damsels in distress, re-experience the adventures of d'Artagnan and the count of Monte Christo, in a time of intrigues and war. I don't think the setting need more explaining. Unfortunately the game was rather shortlived, printed in approximately 2500 copies, and only one supplement, an adventure called Dolkarnas natt (Night of the Daggers). One reason might be the lack of publicity and that the other big games cast their shadow over smaller games like this one.
The game system is a forerunner to that found in Kult, simple and fast to use yet realistic and flexible. Many die rolls are divided into two parts, skill and effect where the result on the skill-roll affect the outcome of the effect roll, allowing feats to succeed given the right circumstanses or a lucky break. Quite a lot of the book describing other things than just skills, combat or character generation, giving the GM useful material.

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