Eon is a fantasy game set on in the world Mundana. Eon has a lot of rules and is flexible enough. The rules cover almost any situation. The biggest drawback is the enormous set of rules which can be hard to grasp for gamers. In the main rules there are a lot of references to future supplements, for example the world is only mentioned very briefly in the rules and covered later in the module Mundana. In Mundana there are more information about playing non-human races such as dwarves, elves, tiraker (orchs) and misslor (elves/fairys). This information is expanded in the module Alver which cover the elves and upcoming modules.
Likewise the rules for magic are quite good, allowing the mage to use more formalised magic with specific spells as in most fantasy games like AD¨D and RuneQuest, or to weave magic using a combination of more generic magic powers, not too unlike Ars Magica. Unfortunately the rules for the latter is expected in a future supplement Mystik och Magi. When it comes to combat the rules are extensive, yet another supplement is expected to come Krigarens Väg, expanding these rules.

One of the most needed supplements, in my opinion, is a players handbook. Such a product is scheduled to be released in late-1998. There is a lot of information in the different modules that the players shouldn't know which, makes it necessary for the GM to look up most facts and telling the players during character creation.

Although the development of Eon might remind people of the unfortunate development of Drakar och Demoner in the early 1990's, with a rulebook and a lot of supplements that expand the rules, I want to believe that Eon will not suffer the same fate as it's predecessor. Just as the modern version of Drakar och Demoner has consistent rules, the supplements released for Eon show no sign of altering the core rules radically. Rather is seems like the supplements are just chapters left out of the basic rulebook.

I worry more for the game world Mundana. Just as the early world of Drakar och Demoner, Ereb Altor, Mundana is beeing designed by several people. Hopefully they wont get delusions of grandeur and each making their part of the world the most important, with the key to the future of the whole universe. With a little cooperation and a supervisor overlooking the development of Mundana this can easily be avoided.

The Rules

The rules are complex. There are a lot of books and the only index to the main rulebook is included with the GM Screen, which makes it hard to find the apprpopriate rules sometimes.

The Products

ProductCategoryYearDesign# pages
EonBasic rules1996A4 Softback256
Eon DeluxeBasic rules1997A4 Hardcover, Color Map416
SpelledarskärmGM Screen1996--
RollformulärCharacter sheets1996A430
MundanaRule expansion1997A4 Softback, Color map112
Monster och varelserRule expansion, Bestiary1997A4 Softback80
AlverRule expansion1997A4 Softback80
JarlaCampaign module1997A4 Softback, A3 Map96

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