A fantasy game set on a small continent called Khelataar. Very down-to-earth and low fantasy. Players playing exclusively humans and other intelligent races are virtually non-existent. Magic is hard to learn and a sword in more efficient most of the time. The world is a tribal society, and a lot of the terms are in the game-world language. Also in this game the combat system is detailed. One rules supplement Encyklopedia Digoni and several adventures was released. One reason to why Khelataar never got really popular might be the campaign-world. Most players liked high-fantasy and the "realistic" down-to-earth Khelataar didn't appeal to them. Another reason might be the new "language" which the gamedesigners had made up. As a new player, to Khelataar, it was sometimes hard to play with a more experienced group. You simply did not always understand what they were talking about. But please note that if and when you got the hang of these terms and the social structure of the tribes, Khelataar had a great feeling of play.

The Products

ProductCategoryYearDesign# pages
KhelataarBasic rules1989Box, A4 + A3 map68, 100
Encyklopedia DigoniExpansion rules1990A4 hardback92
SpelledarskärmGM screen1990A4 cardboard6p foldout
RollformulärsblockCharacter sheets1990A4, 20 per pack20 x 4

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