Mutant Chronicles have a lot which Mutant R.Y.M.D. lacked. Mutant Chronicles is backed up by a number of boardgames and a trading card game, Doomtrooper. This product line seem to be appreciated abroad although Swedish gamers are not too enthusiastic about Mutant Chronicles.
As with the 6th edition of Drakar och Demoner, Mutant Chronicles' layout is great. Also the quality of the pictures is good, although the motives... nyaah.
In a distant future, mega-super corporations have control over mankind, earth is merely a dumping place. A "religious" brotherhood control the great masses and society is decaying. Then, on the tenth planet of the solar system, something awakens, and humankind will surely perish.
Imagine the players running around with shoulderpads larger than a torso and guns that are bigger than car, shooting evil undead-looking monsters... Yes, you got it... Doom(tm) the Role Playing Game.
Seriously, it is not that bad, but personally I feel that Mutant Chronicles leave very little roleplaying to do and a lot of shooting. They might have called it a dice-rolling game. It might be nostalgia, but I feel that Target Games made a mistake. Many Swedish roleplayers have abandoned their "side", but as far as I know they seem to like their new market and they sure make a lot of money on this product line.

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