Following the success of Drakar och Demoner, in 1984, the same company released a sci-fi game in an aftermath setting. The players played descendants of survivors of wars and a great plague, in a world slowly rebuilding. The rules were almost like that of 2nd/3rd edition Drakar och Demoner, replacing magic with mental powers and mutations and creating a future feudal Scandinavia.
One interesting fact is that although Mutant was written by Mikael Petersén and Gunilla Jonsson, only Mikael Petersén is mentioned as designer.
This game, Mutant, had a big problem; players very quickly got more powerful than a single nation. The players could aquire old technology from the forbidden zones, the radioactive wastelands, which normal people never knew existed. Otherwise the world was great fun to play in.
1986 an expansion set came, Mutant 2. The rules were more complex, especially concerning skills and combat, so complex that many gamers never fully used the combat rules or the new skill system. It simply took too long. Also, they managed, somehow, to change the "feeling" of the gameworld, from a society struggling to get back on it's feet to world full of technology and science, where everyone had a laserpistol and knew how to use it.

The Products

ProductCategoryYearDesign# pages
MutantBasic rules1984Boxed64, 48
Mutant 2Rule expansion1986Boxed80, 48, 16
Efter RagnarökCampaign module1987Boxed80, 52
I reptilmännens klorAdventure1985A540
Nekropolis (GD 1)Adventure1985A540
Bris brygga (GD 2)Adventure1986A564
Brännpunkt HindenburgAdventure1988G548
Katastrofens väktareAdventure1988G564

GD = Grå döden

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